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How to Win At Table Football – A Beginners Guide

Table football may be considered by some to be a fun gimmick, however many players play the game in a very competitive nature. This article will attempt to provide you with some tips and information in order to beat your mates and become king of table football. Generally there are three simple rules to follow in order to have success; finesse, positioning, and control. Understanding these three skill areas will hopefully lead to you beating your mates on a regular basis.

First of all when it comes to table football many people make the mistake of trying to hit the ball as hard as possible, with no regard for direction and finesse. This is a common mistake among players, and you can see dramatic improvements in your play by simply taking your time and picking out the shots to take. Aim your shots on goal by positioning the ball to either side of the striking player when shooting. Try to find gaps in the opposition’s defence line and then exploit them to create goal scoring chances.

The second skill to focus on is the positioning of your own players. This has an increasing importance on the defensive side of the game. Try to align your players to match the opposition’s player position, this will allow you to get good blocks in and hit them on the counter attack. When defending its vital to always have control of the midfield and the goalkeeper rather than your attacking players. This is so you can adjust quickly and clear the ball up the pitch to your attackers to create chances for yourself.

The third area to spend time practising is that of ball control. Being able to keep control of the ball and work shooting opportunities often makes the difference between winning and losing the game. Side passes provide an excellent chance to switch the ball quickly from the flank to the centre and get a potentially lethal shot on goal with.

Practice these three key skill areas and you’ll be beating your mates in no time, it really is as simple as that!

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