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The Most Popular Ultimate Frisbee Terminology and Slang

If you have ever attended an Ultimate Frisbee game, you will have noticed plenty of words and phrases being shouted out on the fields. Here is a list of the most commonly used terms to help you better understand what is being said.

Backhand- the throw that is most commonly known and everyone knows how to do.

Bid- when a player impressively attempts to dive for a catch, but fails to make the catch.

Blade- when the disc is thrown vertically rather than horizontally. these throws are very difficult to catch.

Callahan- to catch the disc in the opponents end-zone while on defense, resulting in a score for your team.

Chilly- «be patient.» the term is used to remind the thrower that they have 10 complete seconds to wait for a good pass.

Cutter- a position on the team. players who make ‘cuts’ to get open for the disc. opposite of the handler position.

D- defense or knocking the disc to the ground and preventing your opponent from catching the disc.

Disk In- phrase used to notify the players that the game is in play. a way to start the game again.

Footblock- when the defender on the thrower is able to deflect the pass with their foot.

Forehand/Flick- the opposite throw of a backhand. thrown on the right side of the body (for right-handed players).

Hammer- an overhead throw where the disc rotates in the upside down position.

Handblock- when the defender on the thrower is able to knock the disc to the ground.

Handler- a position normally played by the stronger throwers on the team. (similar to the point guard position in basketball).

Huck- a long throw. each game starts off with a huck.

Layout- an impressive dive to catch a disc.

Layout D- an impressive dive to block the disc from the opponent.

O- offense.

Pick- when a player gets in-between a defender and the person they are defending (unlike basketball, picks are illegal in ultimate).

Pull- the long throw that begins each game/point. similar to a kickoff in football.

Sky- jumping higher than the people around you to catch a disc.

Stall Count- the 10 seconds you have to get a pass off.

Turn- when the disc drops to the ground or any other change of possession.

Up- an alert that the disc has been thrown in the air. a call usually directed towards the defense to look up to get the ‘D’.

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