Futbol: Últimas noticias de Hoy


Noticias del Barça protagonizadas por Xavi, que explica cómo será su Barça antes de ser presentado. Memphis Depay habla sobre la llegada del nuevo entrenador, Sergi se despide preocupado por las lesiones y es que el Barcelona tiene una plaga con 11 lesionados. Además vinculan a Brozovic con el equipo culé. Así ha ido el día de noticias y fichajes del Barcelona.


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-Barça B gana 4-0:
-Barça femenino gana:

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Futbol: Últimas noticias de Hoy

Spilling the Football in the 4-3 Defense

Today, most Defensive Coordinators will tell you that they are a spill team. That means that they want to keep the ball going sideline to sideline, and prevent it from cutting up the field.

Every defense uses the principle of a «Contain player» as well. The contain player is the player who stops the spill. In our 4-3 Defense, we say that everyone in the defensive front is a spill player, and one player (to each side) is the «box» player.

The box player, quite simply, boxes the play and forces it back to the inside. That’s in a perfect world, of course.

Many coaches use the term, «Force» player instead of «Contain» or «Box» because they want that player to force the ball to change direction in some way. Either the ball carrier needs to turn back to the inside, where help is, or he needs to bubble the ball back to try to go around the force player.

If the ball carrier is forced to bubble back, that gives the pursuit from the inside a chance to get there. It also means the player is closer to pinning himself to the sideline. The sideline is the 12th Man in any football defense.

The 4-3 Defense is a true spill defense. Each player on the defensive front 7 is responsible for the inside half of his assigned gap. He should almost run into the blocker that is to the inside of his gap responsibility.

We call this «squeezing the air out» of the gap. Think of when you put something in a zip lock bag, and squeeze all of the air out before you seal it up. By taking all of the space out between him and the inside player in the gap, the ball is forced to, at the very worst, continue outside of him.

As the players squeeze the air out in the 4-3 Defense, we are building a wall of defenders for the ball carrier to maneuver. There should be no place for him to turn up the field. Even the slightest crease can result in disaster. It takes just one player failing to squeeze the air out, and we could be in trouble.

If each player does his job in building the wall, the ball will continue outside of the spill and eventually run into the contain player, or box player. The box player in our defense is normally the Strong Safety or Free Safety to the play side. We use a Quarters Coverage to get both safeties involved in the run defense and create a 9 Man Front.

The final piece of the puzzle is the deep defenders. If we are using Quarters Coverage, we have a 9 man front, and two defenders who must always stay over top of the #1 Receivers. These are the corners.

Any defender who is responsible for a deep zone of the field, or who is locked in man to man coverage, cannot be counted on for your run fits. He is not in the spill, nor is he the box player. Our corners have the job of taking away trick passes, play actions, and other plays where the wide receivers could pose a threat even after the offense shows run.

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Futbol: Últimas noticias de Hoy



Sky Sports

Chicos, marquen esa fecha en su calendario lo antes posible! Aquí están las noticias de Sky Sports: Lionel Messi hará su debut en el PSG el 29 de agosto en la cuarta ronda de la Ligue 1 contra Reims.

El argentino sigue entrenando con el nuevo equipo para recuperar su mejor forma tras unas largas vacaciones de verano. Dicho esto, Messi desea ponerse al día con su condición óptima lo antes posible para adaptarse a los requisitos del entrenador en jefe del PSG, Mauricio Pochettino.

Es muy posible que Lionel venga y se una al equipo en el próximo juego contra Brest, pero aún no podrá jugar. Sin embargo, es mucho más probable el 29 de agosto, ya que el cuerpo técnico del PSG estará seguro de que Messi finalmente está listo para entrar en el juego.

¡Estamos deseando que llegue ese día!

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Futbol: Últimas noticias de Hoy

Beating Teams That All-Out Blitz In Youth Football – Offensive Line Tricks

Are all Youth Football Leagues Competitive?

First of all let me start off by saying 95% of the people that e-mail me say they are in a very competitive league. The problem is there is no way 95% of us are playing in competitive leagues and many have no frame of reference outside of their league. Most teams don’t play outside competition, play in outside tournaments or go out of town to play, how would they know if they are truly playing in a competitive league or not? That’s why I always try and schedule at least 2 out of league games against teams from 2 different leagues as well as play in out of town tournaments if the parents agree to raise the money. Don’t fret because someone says or you think you are playing in a competitive league, it really doesn’t matter if your youth football league is «competitive» of not, competition is relative.

My teams have played in leagues where teams from our league have won National Unlimited Select National Titles ( Top Gun Division) in Daytona, Florida, considered by most to be THE most competitve tournament in the Country. This league has produced players like Dave Rimington (Outland), Ahman Green (NFL), Eric Crouch (Heisman) and countless others. We have won plenty of out of town tournaments ourselves at several age groups and always fare well against outside competition. We do just fine playing «competitive» teams, in fact we have a heck of a time getting teams to accept those games these days. My system has been successfully used from age 6-14 by hundreds of youth football coaches nationwide and came just a single point away from winning the Jr. Pee Wee Pop Warner National Championship last year in Florida.

So in a nutshell, yes the SIngle Wing no Splits system works in competitive leagues in the age group you coach and against the tactics you mentioned. In the above example just because all the teams in this youth football league utilize an unsound but aggressive defensive tactic does not mean they are somehow well coached or «competitive». Competitive may be the descriptive word used to describe the mental nature of these coaching staffs but to be «competitive» there has to be competence. In my mind the opposite would be true, if all the defenses in this league are the same and they all use the same unsound tactic every play. Those defenses and this youth football league seem to be very predictable and would be quite simple to beat with any reasonable amount of competent coaching. You often see this in youth football tournaments, beasts from XYZ league who have manhandled everyone in their league but who get creamed in the out state tournaments. They play in leagues where there is little «out of the box» thinking and many of the teams are intimidated by unsound but aggressive tactics. You would be quite surprised at how many blowouts there are at these things when these bully teams face a well coached team or one that is not intimidated by such tactics.

Crushing the Blitzing team

By not defending the entire field and massing all defenders in tight and coming every down, there are not levels of defensive pressure. A simple wedge play is usually quite effective against teams like this, even when they have 10 men on the line of scrimmage. Once the initial line of defense is breached it is usually a huge gain Tight splits like we use negate defensive presssure like this and many plays end up looking like a scene from the movie «The 3003.

We like to use these types of defenses aggression against them using «no plays» to mess their blitz timing off and running plenty of trap plays, screens, tight end dump passes ( off of an off-tackle fake) and straight ahead off-tackle runs. What doesn’t work are straight sweeps, deep reverses and deep drop back passes, football plays many youth football coaches run regardless of the effectiveness of the play. Running right at these types of defenses is almost always effective and something this offense does quite well.

Motioning against teams like this often give you lots of numbers advantages and either takes the defense out of the all-out blitzes or gives you wide open hitch, flat or screen plays. We’ve even been able to Jet Sweep a number of these type teams. I enjoy playing youth football teams like this that come in with a lot of bravado, makeup and jumping up and down antics, but usually have their tails between their legs by the 2nd quarter. They get very frustrated when they don’t get a bunch of negative yardage plays right off the bat or intimidate the offense. Obviously I’m not a fan of this backyard tactic, it works against only the poorest and least prepared youth football teams out there. You never see this type of defense at the big tournaments, those teams almost always get bounced early.

What is required in your team to defeat this tactic is confidence in your execution based on perfecting a base set of complementary plays in football practice and running everything north and south. A truly well coached team would have a field day with these types of defenses. You can effectively do it even without a big or dominating offensive line in youth football.

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Futbol: Últimas noticias de Hoy

High School Football Official – Crew Communication

Let’s talk about high school football official crew communication

It is vital that as a crew you have fluid communication between each position on the field.  This is significant for any level of football.  As a varsity football crew we break down our communication as follows:

Football Crew Communication Signals –

  • Linesman and Line Judge (Wings) – A fist held straight out to the side – represents the nearest player off the line. This is used to communicate that their man is off the line – and signals to each other to count the players in the back field if both show this signal.  This is specific for an illegal formation – not enough players on the line.
  • Linesman and Line Judge (Wings) – A palm to the cheek represents an unbalanced line – signaling to everyone to look for numbering issues, ineligibles, and position of players.
  • All officials – Two fist crossed, signals two stakes – more than ten yards to gain for a first down
  • Linesman and Line Judge (Wings) – When a play ends on the sideline – two arms held down with palms toward the sideline represents ‘Player out of bounds’.  Clock will start on the next snap
  • Linesman and Line Judge (Wings) – When a play ends on the sideline – two arms held down with palms toward the field of play represents ‘Player in bounds’.  Clock is still running
  • Linesman and Line Judge (Wings) – On a pass play behind the line of scrimmage the wings may have to signal the direction of the ball.  If the pass was backward this signaling is done by putting an open hand held straight out to the side.  If the pass was forward – no signal is needed.   This is critical if a backward-passed ball is recovered in bounds by the defense or goes out of bounds to mark the new spot for the offense.
  • All officials – Starting the clock, this is done by rotating an arm in a large circle in front of the body (called winding the clock).
  • All officials – Stopping the clock to indicate that the play progress was stopped out of bounds.  This is done by crossing the arms above the head two times.
  • When a first down is reached the process is to stop (wind) the clock two times and then restart it .  This signals that the first down was reached and that the referee will start the clock on the ready for play.
  • All officials – will rotate each fist over each other to signal that the next play will give protection for the snapper on punts, field goals, and or tries.
  • All officials – some crews will pound a fist on top of each other to signal that after the next play we will stop the clock in unison – this is used as a reminder to each crew member.
  • All officials will hold a fist straight up to signal that they have counted their respective teams (offense or defense – depending on the official) for eleven players.  This is done to signal that there are not too many players during a play.
  • It is vital that you communicate as a crew to how the signaling is done. Signals need to be consistent and should be discussed during pre-game.

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Futbol: Últimas noticias de Hoy


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Futbol: Últimas noticias de Hoy

Football Special Teams Training – How to Bust the Wedge

Special teams can make the difference in who goes home with the win and who suffers the loss.

Simply put the receiving teams job is to advance the kick off return as far down the field as possible. With a couple of key blocks, put the ball in the end zone. Setting up those key blocks starts with the wedge.

The wedge as we all know is a wall of players the return man screens behind hoping to find the opening that can spring him for big yards or a 6 point run back.

The kicking team sends down its rushers and wedge busters, running full speed, risking life and limb as they hurl their bodies at the players making up the wedge. Sometimes the wedge busters are successful, stopping big run backs. However there are many times they are not, allowing the big momentum changing run back. Momentum that can change the out come of the game.

How do we become more effective in busting the return teams blocking wedge? Don’t try to run over or knock down the blockers. Instead split the blockers.

Run straight at the blocker full speed, sell him on the fact you plan to run over the top of him. No matter how skilled and practiced he is, at the last moment he will be bracing for the impact. Rather than make head to head contact, split the blockers, run between them taking the best angle to the ball carrier. Not only do you reduce injury risk to yourself, you will frequently find yourself in position to make the tackle, stopping a long kick off return and staving off any momentum changing returns, like a 6 pointer.

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Futbol: Últimas noticias de Hoy


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Iniesta llegará al ¿Fútbol Argentino?, el trueque que piensa Boca por Paolo Guerrero, Gallardo quiere a 2 promesas de la Superliga, las exigencias de Guardiola al Manchester City, el futuro de Mauro Icardi en el Psg, la joya francesa que quiere el Real Madrid, el Hackeo a Boca que le robó más de medio millon de dolares, las confesiones de Lucas Pratto despues de la final del Flamengoel Cholo Simeone quiere a un Argentino, Beccacece mira a 2 jugadores de Boca para Racing, , las vacaciones de los futbolistas y mucho más!

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En el año 2016 comencé a trabajar con el DIARIO LA GACETA, un diario muy conocido en el NORTE ARGENTINO hasta fines del 2017.
Y en 2018 estuve produciendo programas y de conductor de un programa de TELEFÉ en TELIVISIÓN.
Mientras tanto seguí subiendo videos y encontrandome más en la plataforma.
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Para el año 2019 decidí centrarme más en mi Canal, creando contenido relacionado al Fútbol Argentino y Fútbol Internacional, en el que intente informar a esta comunidad de lo más destacado del deporte.
Gracias al trabajo en conjunto, pudimos llegar a cubrir varios eventos de Copa Argentina y la Despedida de Rodrigo Mora, ademas de ser invitado por Fox Sport para cubrir los premios de la Superliga Argentina, en donde pudimos darnos el gusto de charlar con Esteban Andrada, Bebelo Reynoso, Hernan Crespo, Matias Zaracho, entre otras figuras.
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Futbol: Últimas noticias de Hoy

How to Find the Perfect Football Boots?

Are you passionate about football and want to become the next Messi or Ronaldo? This will certainly need some kicking. And for that, you will need a perfect pair of football shoes. The decision to select football boots is not as easy as it sounds. Many factors can influence your choice of these shoes. In this article, we will try to explore the most important factors that must be considered before tying up your laces. Read on.

Playing Position and Style

You can be a striker, midfielder, defender or goalkeeper while playing football (soccer). No matter what position you are playing in and what style you have adopted, kicking the ball is compulsory. We have some pieces of advice related to boots selection for each position.

If you are a striker or forward, go for light-weight shoes. This will help you accelerate your moves to beat the defenders and find the back of the net. For defenders and goalkeepers, protective shoes are preferred as this will help him making clearances and passing the ball with precision in intense areas. If you are a midfielder, it is better to opt for shoes that offer comfort and control.

Know-how of Brands

You cannot straight away walk into an outlet and ask for a pair of football boots. This is not a grocery item that you consume. It is something that will play a vital role in your journey of becoming a superstar. Therefore, get some knowledge about brands.

See what football stars use and find out which brand offers the best quality shoes that compliment your style and position. You don’t need to always go for top-notch brands of the world. Just focus on the specifications and reviews. It will also need some research work to get shoes of your type.

Don’t Purchase before trying

Make your homework strong but never buy one if you are not comfortable with them or because of someone’s endorsement and recommendation. Search for reliable stores, get in there, try the shoes on and purchase only if you are 100% comfortable with them. Plus, you should never compromise on comfort. Colors, price, or commercials have secondary importance.

Get the Correct Size

There must be a gap of around a half-inch between your toes and head of the shoes. To make it simpler, just make sure that there is enough space for another thumb within that area. Another way of checking this is by pressing the top of your boot. If your toe is touching the top of the boot, ask the shopkeeper to give you a larger size.

So, that’s how the selection of football shoes can be easy. It might require some research work but don’t feel lazy to do that. The selection of a perfect pair of shoes is as important in football as the skill set required to play this beautiful game. Take your time and don’t rush to make this decision, be patient.

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Futbol: Últimas noticias de Hoy

INSÓLITO CRUZ AZUL cayó ante Pumas con sorprendente remontada. Preocupa La Máquina | Futbol Picante

Cruz Azul no pudo con Pumas UNAM y tuvo una dolorosa derrota por la jornada 17 del Apertura 2021 de la Liga MX. La Máquina llegó a ponerse arriba por dos goles de ventaja, pero no supo conservar la diferencia a favor y terminó perdiendo sobre el final por 4-3. En Futbol Picante, Álvaro Morales, Jorge Pietrasanta, Dionisio Estrada y Mario Carrillo analizan la caída del conjunto de Juan Reynoso. #FutbolPicante | ESPN Deportes

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