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Cycling Addiction

We all get addicted really easily to things we love. Some of those may be more addictive than others. I can’t really tell what is like to be addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or anything like that since I never tried to. So when I am trying to write about addiction is not really addiction, although some scientists are reporting that athletes with hard working training sessions are addicted and can’t live without the bike.

Most of us know what is like to spend your time on the bike. When feeling stressed out, unmotivated, tired you simply take your bike and go outside to clear your mind. In that time you are relaxed and you can think about things that you couldn’t behind computer let’s say. Cyclers are known for running away from usual problems in their life. They tend to stay on the bike for long time during rides. Many riders think that cycling is all about training. But recreational riders don’t like that word as they like to go slower and enjoy in the nature.

I would like to see more people take their bike out of their basements and go out for their own good. More you think about it then more you are occupied with other things in your life and farer you are from enjoying a good and healthy life. I am not saying you should be getting on the bike immediately. You could as well go running or playing football. It doesn’t really matter as long as you do some kind of exercise. Sitting at home behind television will make you even more miserable than you already are.

Cycling can be as addictive as food let’s say. More you eat food, than more you like it. You learn what food is healthy, what not. Which taste you prefer which taste you absolutely dislike. It is same with recreational cyclers where more you endure then easier it is to endure more. There is upper limit to that where your body can stress or enter food in your system.

Less is more, some say. It is true in most things in our life. But I must say that more you cycle than better you feel. This is then contributing to that addiction. You can easily get addicted with always wanting more and more. You want better and better result, even if you don’t compete with nobody. Every one of us wants to improve themselves. It’s the main reason why there are so many cycling fans that think they could be just like Armstrong or Contador.

You should be training more, but instead lower your intensity. That is how you can increase your endurance and stay on the bike for more time. Drink lots of water during you ride, to keep you hydrated. Don’t forget to eat small meals, so you enter yourself enough calories to be able to cycle continuously. It’s not my purpose to detail how to get addicted you bike, instead I am giving you some basic information on gaining confidence for enduring and enjoying more. You can enjoy any sport that you want and at the same time get addicted to it.

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