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High School Football Drills – Offensive Line

The goal in football is to have your offensive line faster, smarter, and stronger than the opposing team’s offense and defense. Here are a few drills to keep you in top shape mentally and physically.

Hip Thrust Squats

Though it sounds straight out of jazzercise, hip thrusts can help your players get in shape for some solid offense. The best way to help players move fast while staying low is by practicing a duck walk.

Have players begin by standing feet shoulder width apart, one foot slightly in front of the other.

They then bend their knees 90 degrees, so that hips are parallel to the knees, legs parallel to the floor. Your players should be careful not to bend their backs.

Keeping knees bent, have them then bend at the waist. Ultimately, you want the belly to lay on their thighs. Keeping backs straight will bring hips up a bit…this is ok.

Without picking up their backs, have players bring their necks up so that they are looking forward.

In this intense squat, your players should walk five yards.

Players will tire quickly, so the 5 yards will be a challenge. Once they’ve mastered it, add another five and have players race 10 yards in the hip thrust squat. And «What’s the point,Coach?» Getting your players confident while moving low is an invaluable skill to have when charging the offense of your enemies.

Perfect Passes: QB Circle Toss Drill

The QB begins running down the field. He is passed the ball. His job is to continue running and fluidly pass on the ball to one of his team offenders, who will then either run to the end zone or pass to another teammate.

The goal is to release the ball as quickly as possible without endangering the level of control. Remind your players to square up hips and shoulders before beginning to throw – that way the ball will go where you want it to.

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