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Boy Fun Parties

In the fast paced world of childhood, little boys deserve to have parties that are a little like them – fun and energetic. A NASCAR party is at the top of the list for any little boy who loves race cars. To fit this theme, decorate with racing flags and parts of cars, like a tire here or there. Buy small race cars for partygoers to decorate. Use spray paint to create a race track on the grass in the yard.

A fun boy’s party might also be a construction theme; boys love large machines and a construction party is the perfect way for boys to live out this dream. Fill a sand box with construction toys: an excavator, a dump truck and a bulldozer. Boys will get a kick out of digging and creating roadways on their very own. Supply the boys with their very own yellow construction hats. Decorate using orange cones, road barriers or items that you can find at

If your child is into the television show, he might enjoy a Yu-Gi-Oh party; have a Yu-Gi-Oh trading card party. Write on the invitations for the guests to bring their Yu-Gi-Oh cards. They can have duels and trade extra cards for the ones they need.

On the other hand, your little boy might be into sports. You can have a baseball, football, basketball or soccer party. Children can decorate their own jerseys for a football or basketball party. Set up goal posts for your soccer party. A great idea is to get a ball that pertains to the kind of sports party you are throwing. Have all the children who come to the party sign the ball for the birthday boy as a keepsake. Whatever party you are planning to throw, you can find all of the items you’ll need at

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