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20 Effective and Cheap Ways to Recruit Youth Football Players

Many youth football leagues do not allow recruiting of players, in other leagues it is needed for survival. Recruiting players can not be ignored, it is the lifeblood of your team.

Most of us do not have large recruiting budgets to do big newspaper adds.

Here are some inexpensive «guerrilla marketing» recruiting methods you can use:

Flyers to the Schools-( Chapter 4 of the book shows you how to get around school rules that block this tactic)

Punt Pass and Kick Contest- We had the winners compete at the halftime of our local indoor pro football team.

School Assemblies- Much easier than you think

School Lunch Room Highlight Shows- With a Portable DVD Player

Other Sports Sporting Events- Hand out flyers

School Open House Booths

Church Bulletin Announcements

Press Releases

Newspaper Articles

Radio Interviews

TV «Works Event» Coverage

Player «Bounties»- Offer $5 to your players for each completed application or entry to a pizza party.

Church or School Carnival/Festival Booths

Saturday Grocery Store Table or Flyer Handout

Web Sites


Parades- Your team marches in uniforms and hands out flyers

Trophy Displays at School

Team Game Jersey Days at School

Our Organization grew from 1 team to 16 in just 5 years using these methods. We ran just one very expensive newspaper add during this time period (it gave us little return).

Details on how to make it all work including free press releases and radio interviews are in Chapter 4 of the book and include examples of our flyers. Our Nebraska Youth Football team web site is

The web site was developed for free by a talented volunteer.

Copyright 2007 Cisar Mangement Services Reprints are allowed if the resource box and links are kept intact.

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