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How to Mark Out a Football Field

How to mark out a foot ball field: Then using a string line, start with your goal line, making sure that you have 100 metres clearance of any hedges/obstructions etc. This line should be measured to as wide as you can in the space allowed, to approx 65-70m.

Use the 3,4,5 triangle technique to obtain a right angle at each corner of your goal line and take a string line down the pitch following your right angle to 95-105m. Do this for both corners of your first goal line which will give you two touch lines.

At the end of one of the touchlines, use another 3,4,5 triangle and follow a string line to the end of the other touchline.

You should now have strung out a rectangle. To check the accuracy of you rectangle, measure the diagonal lengths – these should equal the same. Once you are sure the string lines are correct, use these as a guide to mark the triangle.

Using a tape measure, find the centre of each goal. From the centre, make a mark on the goal line for the six yard and eighteen yard boxes. Do this for each end. A very useful diagram to use as a guide for this can be found at

From the corners, measure up both the touchlines, six and eighteen yards. Also measure up touchlines to find the middle of your field. Once all the internal measurements have been strung, mark these lines, ensuring you mark on the inside of the string line.

Once the six and eighteen yard boxes are marked, mark your centre line. Finally, put a string line up the centre of the pitch and measure from the back of the line (36′) for the middle of the penalty spot at each end. From the middle of the painted spot, measure 30′ on the outside of the penalty box to get your arc.

Follow the same principal to mark out your centre circle by again measuring 30′ out from the centre spot of your halfway line. The final step is to mark out the quadrants at each corner – these should be 1m radius.

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