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Learn Football Skills to Play Like Pele

Football is an entertaining game. It is one of the most played and popular games along the length and breadth of the world. Some basic skills are required to play football. The star players of this game are known for their accomplished skill that sets them apart from run of the mills. It takes dodged determination, extensive practice and intensive training to bend it like Beckham! If you are keen on making football your career, you must take your basic skill a few notches ahead in order to shine.

What are those fundamental football skills that we are talking about? Let us find out.

Running: A good pace and presence of mind are a must for anyone wishing to be a good footballer. Whether you want to be a defender, midfielder or a scorer, good running gives an extra edge to your skill. Even the goalkeeper needs flexibility of body and skill of quick running to stop a powerful shot.

Passing: It is another important fundamental skill, especially for the quarterback. They also need some other skills such as good dribbling, body control, ball handling and solid arm strength. In case of passing, accuracy is more important than arm strength. You should acquire skill in order to manage the field as well as control the game. When it comes to passing, focus is also very important as the opponents’ defense will try to snatch the ball away while someone is making his way through the last quarter of the pitch. For a single pass, you have only one chance to complete it and must have several skills to succeed in your attempt most of the time.

Catching: The shot-stopper is allowed to catch the ball by using any part of the body. However, others should have skill of catching the ball on ground as well as in aerial fight. Whoever wants to catch the ball must be every fast and focused. Flexibility of body is also a must to catch the ball at the right time to prevent any assault on one’s net.

Tackling: This skill is usually required by the players in the defensive front. A low center of gravity is a requirement for every blocker as it helps the player control their balance while blocking to avoid tripping forward. Tackling or blocking requires strong physical ability and tremendous pace. It is the most physical aspect of football. Three qualities are a must for the blockers – strength, speed and suppleness. They stop the opponents’ frontmen from advancing with the ball into the box.


Every skill is important as football is a team game though individual’s brilliance also counts. Every professional player has one or many football skills, depending on the position he plays at. In this ball game, change in position is very important and so the players are required to acquire several skills to put to good use in different positions.

The next time when you will watch a rousing match, you will be able to learn more about the skills required to make it top on the professional level.

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